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Mammals are animals that make up the scientific class Mammalia. There are over 5,000 different species of mammals in the world.

They’re found in every ocean and on every continent.

You’re part of one of these species: humans! Let’s take a look at what it means to be a mammal.


Mammal Characteristics

Mammals can be found in all colors, shapes, and sizes, but there are a few characteristics all mammals have in common.

For example, mammals are vertebrates. That means they have a backbone. They also have three middle ear bones.

Mammals are warm-blooded, meaning they regulate their own body temperature. They all have some sort of hair.

Mammals have mammary glands, which female mammals use to produce milk to feed their young. Their brains are more well-developed than other types of animals as well.

Almost all mammals give birth to live young. There are some exceptions to this rule, like the platypus, who lays eggs instead.


Where do mammals live?

Mammals live all over the world in all kinds of habitats. They are one of the most adaptable types of animals.

Some mammals, like whales, live in the ocean. Others live in underground burrows, in tropical forests, in deserts, and just about anywhere else you can imagine.

Mammals can run, jump, dive, swim, dig, and hop through their habitats. Some can even fly!

What do mammals eat?

Some mammals are carnivores who eat only meat, while others are herbivores who dine only on plants. Other mammals eat both meat and plants. They are called herbivores.

Basically, mammals can live almost anywhere and eat almost anything. They can also be just about any size.


But there are a few things mammals have in common: hair, mammary glands, vertebrates, three middle ear bones, being warm-blooded, and having more developed brains.

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